Hi I'm Griffin

I am an aspiring Software Developer and this is my website, welcome!

Hi I'm Griffin

I am an aspiring Software Developer and this is my website, welcome!

About me

Hi it's me, Griffin, nice to meet you

I graduated Boise State University this May and recieved a Bachlors of Science in Games Interactive Media and Mobile, and a minor in Information Technology management. Through my time at Boise State a passion for everything computer scienece grew within me. This is everything from programming and coding, building computers and systems, creating custom hardware for game development, and understanding about how everything works within a conventional computer. I am constently striving to learn more and more about the field of computer science, and improve my skills when it comes to working with technology at large.

Whats with the logo anyway?

The logo

The logo is quite simple, yet I wanted it to convey who I am at my core. The logo is ment to represent how I see myself, the intercetion between liberal arts and technology. The brackets on either side of the pen are found within the symbol for coding. The pen in the middle is modeled after a drawing tablet pen that I have known as the Wacom Cintiq 13d tablet. These two symbols being combined represent that I view myself equally as a designer and a programmer.

Welcome to the Crossroad

What is the Crossroad?

The intercetion of technology and liberal arts is a metaphorical intercetion between the the power of technology and the creativity and intitiveness of liberal arts. The intercetion was coined by Steve Jobs at the 2011 launch of the iPad 2, linked here, in which he highlighted the importance to marry technology with the humanities. That with the speed and power of a device or software, so to must its design and useablility match its technological power. This is where I feel I lie in the field of software development, a designer for useablility and intuitiveness, and a programmer that focuses on performance and delivering above the expected result.

My Personal Programming Philosopy (PPP)

When it comes to software development, my personal philosopy is to program before I code. The difference is simple: programming is the planning and coding is the execution of the plan. Before I touch my keyboard, I first grab a piece of paper or my iPad and begin programming. Similar to how a building or structure can be built, a plan consisting of careful measurements and laying out resources is created by an architect.

This is the analogy I visualize that helps with the next step of development: coding. Now coding is the next natrual step taken after programming, for it is much like the construction crew that creates the structure given the plans given to them by the architect. This process is an example of the intercetion I consider myself apart of, where the liberal arts is found in programming, and of course the technology side is found within the coding.

My Passions

Why keyboards?

Those who know me will probably say one thing: this guy has a lot of keyboards. It is true. One of my many passions happens to be building and modding custom mechanical keyboards, but why? Many people will find out how much I pay for some of these keyboards, and call it silly to invest in something so trivial like a keyboard.

Though it is a valid opition, think about it this way.

Simply put if I'm going to use a device or tool everyday I would want it to be of a high quality. I would assume many invest in a top of the line computer or car for the same reason, dependability as well as asthetics. The same can be said about my passion for owning a higher end keyboard.

My Keyboards

my first 60% keyboard

Keychron K12

Keycaps: Oliva Light

Switch: Akko CS Ocean Blue Tactile

Bio: This was my first ever mechanical keyboard that I bought with the intent to mod. I wouldn't recommend the 60% layout to beginners, because it sacrifices a lot of keys, mainly arrow keys. Regardless, it will always be my first custom keyboard and therefore has a special place in my collection.

my first 75% keyboard


Keycaps: Modern Dolch Dark

Switch: Kalih Box White

Bio: This was my second custom keyboard, and man it was an upgrade. The board is completely programmable with QMK or Via, has arrow keys and a fn row, and has a frickin' knob! I would recommend this be a starter board for those with the extra cash to spend, otherwise there are plenty of better "budget" boards.

my second 60% keyboard


Keycaps: Zinc gold caps

Switch: Cherry MX Browns

Bio: This board was a lucky find at a technology recycling store in Seattle called RE-PC. It's quite the location, with an entire section of the store dedicated to a museum of computing. The coolest part of this keyboard is of course the metal keycaps, however the useablility of the board isn't that great, so I use it as a display piece mostly.

fullsized mechanical keyboard, a gift from the love of my life

E-Yooso k-600

Keycaps: The Plastic

Switch: ET-7 Blues

Bio: This is my only "normal" keyboard in terms of layout and keys. It was a gift from my loving parter to purly experiement with different mods too risky for my other keyboards, but that doesn't mean I don't show it the same care as I do for all my keyboards. It's even fully hotswappable, and on a full sized board thats pretty rare!

my first 40% keyboard

IDOBAO ID42 Abacus

Keycaps: Retro Gaming Keycaps

Switch: Gateron Reds

Bio: We don't talk about this one... It is not to type on, simply to be gawked at for existing. THE KEYCAPS HOWEVER ARE VERY SPECIAL! They where a gift from my bestest of friends for my 22nd birthday, and are what saves this board. It is fairly good for gaming, because it doesn't take up a lot of space, and it is fully programmable with full RGB.

my first 75% keyboard

Link 65

Keycaps: Cherry Spellbook

Switch: Boba U4Ts

Bio: In the keyboard community there exists a term for a certian keyboard within ones collection that is meant to be above the rest. This is known as one's 🙌"ENDGAME KEYBOARD"🙌, and this is mine. Never will I ever type on something more prestine than this board, and while that was hyperbole, this keyboard is submlime.


Demo Reel

The above video is a quick overview of the projects listed below.


Project Vulcn
Multiplayer Cooking Game
Swift Navigation App
Genetic Counceling App
CID Event Space
MNDR Virtual Experiance

Contact me

Get in contact with me! I'm always open to answer any questions you might have.